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Natural Clean Burning Performance

Green Biologics Inc. is proud to introduce GreenFlame™, the next generation of charcoal lighting fluids. GreenFlame™ is a natural, agriculturally derived, high performance charcoal lighter fluid. Our patented technology is a competitively priced, USDA BioPreferred® product that burns cleaner than traditional fossil fuel based offerings.

Consumers are becoming more concerned with chemicals in their everyday lives, and grilling is no exception. GreenFlame™ is a bio-based product and does not contain potentially harmful chemicals associated with fossil fuels. GreenFlame™ lights instantly, stays lit, and burns cleanly. Outdoor grilling in North America has become a year round activity. GreenFlame™ will continue to light in cold and damp weather conditions. The characteristic performance of GreenFlame™ remains, whether lighting briquettes or lump charcoal. No matter what you grill, or when you grill it, GreenFlame™ will get your grill started quickly and cleanly. GreenFlame™, the natural, clean burning, instant lighting charcoal lighter fluid.