GreenFlame™ lighting fluid is a proprietary and patented formula that provides a clean burning, natural, and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fuels.  The end result is less smoke, no kerosene odor, and a better grilling experience.

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Instructions for use are on the back label of each bottle.  Simply stack the charcoal, apply GreenFlame™ in a circular manner around the charcoal, light the coals, and drop the match into the grill under the coals to ensure any residual fluid is ignited.

GreenFlame™ is made from Minnesota corn and other agriculturally derived ingredients.  This proprietary blend ignites quickly, burns cleanly, and grills your food without kerosene or other petrochemical residual tastes.

Yes.  Our video demonstrates the difference between traditional kerosene-based fluid and GreenFlame™.  

Yes.  Testing at our Green Chemistry Lab in Ashland, Virginia has demonstrated that GreenFlame™ ignites in cold weather, snow, and light rain conditions.  It lights and stays lit under a wide range of conditions when label directions are followed.

GreenFlame™ is a proprietary and patented formula comprised primarily of n-butanol, which is produced in our advanced fermentation factory in Little Falls, Minnesota.  n-Butanol is a potent fuel oxygenate allowing for complete combustion of the formula to carbon oxide gases.  In short, burns cleaner with less smoke.

The BioPreferred program is a USDA-led initiative designed to assist in the development and expansion of markets for bio-based products.  Products using the USDA Certified Biobased Product label are guaranteed to contain a USDA-verified amount of renewable biological ingredients, enabling consumers to make informed and sustainably-minded purchasing decisions.

GreenFlame™ is 99% USDA Certified Bio-Based.

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