Taste Matters

Of course, it’s difficult to scientifically measure something as subjective as food taste. Nonetheless, taste is at the heart of the barbecue experience. There is just something about food cooked over wood that satisfies humans in ways other methods can’t.

The chemical taste transmitted from petroleum-based charcoal fluid to barbecued food is well-known to backyard grillers as well as professional chefs and pitmasters. Weber-Stephen Products, the premier manufacturer of charcoal grills, recommends against using charcoal lighter fluid because “it can transmit a chemical taste to your food.” Loren Hill, a Three Time World Champion Pitmaster with The Smoking Hills BBQ team, and a professional competing in over 20 regional and national contests a year, makes it clear, “judges at professional BBQ competitions will mark you down for lighter fluid taste, I’ve seen it happen.”

Hill continues, “GreenFlame® lighter fluid is clean-burning, with hardly any smoke, but the best thing is it leaves no taste on food. You get the true flavor of your ribs, chicken, steak or vegetables without the chemical taste.”


R.H. Blake
Bruce Blake

For Green Biologics, Inc.
David Anderson — Global VP Marketing